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Re: EpDis: A Call To Arms

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As many others before me in this thread I loved the movie and I even gave it an A, but like others, it's a problematic A, only for the music, that horrible bongo banging music. It killed 90% of the fun in Crusade, here it wasn't as powerful a distraction, but a pain none the less. I simply can't understand who would pay anyone to make that noise...

Other than that I loved every bit of it.
I never understood such revulsion to the Crusade music. It was strange the first time through, but, I grew to appreciate it fit the new series perfectly
But therein lies a problem... when it's an established series, new music can grow on you (B5's music consistently changed but because in the first series it was dynamic, it hit the ground running). Crusade had no such advantage, it was something new and unusual from scratch and didn't really have a chance to grow on you in a single run.

But then Crusade was shot down in flames before it even left the nest.

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Yes, suits are.

It was strange, and perhaps a bit jarring, but, I never found it objectionable like so many did. I seen/heard many people absolutely horrified by it. Of course, I didn't loathe Byron's gang and their "We Will All Come Together In a Better Place..." or the JMS written song that Dr. Franklin's Caitlin sang either. Byron's Gang in general I enjoyed being part of the series, because you were supposed to dislike their characters, where other people felt they really hurt the show tremendously.
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