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Re: EpDis: A Call To Arms

For some reason I hadn't seen this movie before, and considering how many times I watch through the entire show every year it's downright strange how I've managed to miss watching this. I've got the big universe dvd box, so it's right there in front of my face... but... *shrug*

The story was pretty good overall but as a movie and even from a fan's perspective, the movie felt oddly uneven. Amateurish even. I'll attribute huge amounts of that to the absolutely abysmal soundtrack that had me giggling like a teenage girl after someone says "p*nis". I prolly haven't heard a worse soundtrack than Chen's work with this and the Crusade series. I wonder if the guy is still at making "music".

Still, it was damned great to see the old gang again in something "new". Sheridan looked great but acted a bit too much like a crazy old kook and Garibaldi was a tad too mellow from... let's say the first half of season 5, where I consider him at his best.
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