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Re: Babylon 5 and You Tube ?

I have a love/hate relationship with YouTube. Not so long ago they effectively blocked all official music video content from the UK... just because agreement couldn't be reached between labels and the site management.

I also don't like it when music that is never going to get a commercial release... gets blanked on YT. One example being the music to the ill-fated modern series of Hornblower. No mention has ever been made with respect to a soundtrack ever being in the works, so YT start pulling music vids apart relating to it.

If they released it commercially I'd buy it off iTunes, I always do... but they would rather keep it in a dank vault than heaven forbid allow people to possibly enjoy it.

I can understand not wanting to do packaging and production runs of a cd... but why not just release it digitally and let the punters decide?
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