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Re: Does any tv series / book saga / movie saga achieve B5's plot structure?

Originally Posted by squish View Post
Omg I always thought of Tolkein as the worst example, given what one of my college english professors told me about him... He said he just wrote bit by bit. He got up to the introduction of Aragorn and had absolutely no idea where the story was going--no plan whatsoever--and a friend writer had told him that when you have nowhere to go, you just throw in a dark brooding character and go from there, so that's what he did! Tolkein actually said of Lord of the Rings "It's only a story" or "It's just a story" or something, about the people who would write theses analyzing its involved structure and depth and themes, he was amused that people got that much out of it since he didn't put all that into it.
I think that's true of anything, though. You rarely know where a character is going when you start writing, but you figure it out along the way. The timing of the death of Kosh surprised JMS himself, and Marcus, who had been brought in for Season 3 to give us a swashbuckling "face" of the Rangers, conveniently fell into place as the one most likely to use the alien healing device that had been sitting in storage since Season 1.

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