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Re: Does any tv series / book saga / movie saga achieve B5's plot structure?

Originally Posted by GKarsEye View Post
The very nature of the TV and movie business makes it near-impossible to craft such a novel-like story, that's why B5 is such an exception.

Looks like the norm now is season-long arcs, because that's really the only amount of time you're ever guaranteed to actually stay on the air, either at all or at least with most of the actors and writers you'd need.

Sometimes when a show is really successful they'll be guaranteed something longer. Lost was granted two more season last year, so they plotted out the end of the series then, but even a show as complicated as Lost isn't plotted out in large scope from the beginning like B5.

Was the Dominion War and Sisko's big ending plotted from the beginning for DS9? That show might come close to what we're talking about here.
On LOST, it was actually during S3 that fans were becoming frustrated that it was being stretched, and S3 was where the deal was reached for an end date. So, after S3, a 3 season deal was made, but, as you mention multi-season deals are extremely rare (and Farscape S5 is an example that even those can't always be counted on), and certainly they are never greenlighted for multi-season from Day 1, many don't even amke it half a season.

DS9, I believe the Special Features on the DVD tell us the plotting was done 1-2 seasons in advance for the first half of the series and 2-3 seasons in advance towards the end, so, while changing gears, they did aim for a specific direction, but, still flying by the seat of their pants to a greater degree than B5.
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