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Re: EpDis: In The Beginning

Im just now rewatching all of B5. And wacthing this again certain things jump out at me. I kind understand, wanting to do a feature on the Earth-Minbari war but i think they may have missed the mark on this one. There was no real emphasis on SInclair's role, though i understand Michael O'Hare wasn't available for filming, which may explain that. But other things don't sit right, like Sheridan and Franklin going on that mission for peace. Especially as early on in season 2 there is no recognition between the characters, i believe frnaklin even said at one point "I havent seen much of him, but what i have seen i like". It just seems to me this one is trying to hard, leading to a few continuity errors.

And the bit at the end of the film linking this to the War Without End episode, why and how had Sheridan and Delenn been captured by the Centauri?
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