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Re: EpDis: In The Beginning

I don't disagree but it's interesting to not the conflict in Sinclair/Valen on this issue.

He knows it is necessary yet still takes action to divert it on at least one occasion... (in a sequence in the comic "In Valen's Name", Valen tries to pass on a written message for Delenn in the future that will prevent the war... and is silently scolded by one of the vorlons).

I kind of wonder who played the stronger role there... Valen or the vorlons?

Kosh had touched Sinclair's mind and probably knew his memories. If the vorlons shared information telepathically, it may have been they who insisted on sticking to history.

Heck it slides nicely in with the whole "order above all" agenda.

Perhaps the vorlons don't subscribe to branch theory... or perhaps they "fear" it because it leads to an unpredictable more chaotic future (by which i mean thgat events cannot be predicted or controlled).
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