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Re: EpDis: In The Beginning

Originally Posted by GKarsEye View Post
Right but the reputation of Lenonn and/or the Rangers or any of that stuff wouldn't matter if the Council just saw the Vorlons. One of them pretty much said that exact thing when Lenonn tried to convince them to prepare for the Shadows: show us a Vorlon and we'll believe you. Of course the whole time Dukhat was actually dealing w/ Vorlons.

Eh... I guess Valen must've told the Vorlons to do exactly what they did, let the Earth-Minbari war proceed and the Battle of the Line happen, etc. He probably told them the war would happen so the Vorlons were totally comfortably with the near extinction of the key race needed to defeat the Shadows.
I think that's exactly it, the war needed to happen, in order for Delenn to become the person she became, and the war needed to happen in order to put Sinclair in the position to be a Minbari (mentally) and to ultimately become Valen.
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