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Re: Short but sweet Claudia Christian interview

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
Are you sure? She probably got paid better for doing film work (no matter how horrible the film) than she would have on B5. I'm fairly sure the new stories aren't gong to make any of the actors rich.

I thought the real problem wasn't the contract dispute, but the apparant lieing that went out publicly to save face when fans were understandably upset at her sudden departure. The impression I got was that JMS didn't see the contract dispute as the problem, but the public blame game that went on afterwards, with Claudia's side apparantly out-right lieing about events that had occured.

That would royally piss off anyone, I think. Especially if those lies cast you and your project in a very bad light.

The REAL PROBLEM was that her little stunt of wanting to do 18 episodes but get paid for all 22, would have brought Season 5 down, preventing Season 5 happening for EVERYBODY. She would have been the Jenga block that brought the whole thing crashing down, and she didn't see a problem with that, walking out of Blackpool like that, and then her agent calling back on July 28th, two weeks after the deadline had passed, asking if they were ready to negotiate now. doesn't quite cover it.
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