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Re: EpDis: The Gathering

It's interesting to think of the events of "The Gathering" in light of the information we gained from jms in the bonus 15th scriptbook.

Spoiler for :
From the information gained in the narrative write-up that jms did about where the show was going with Sinclair as the main character, written back before Michael O'Hare left the show, the assassination attempt on Kosh stands in a different light.

The original planned finale for Babylon 5 was that the station was going to be destroyed by the Minbari. The Minbari warrior caste had overthrown the Grey Council and were in control of the Minbari government, and they were going to attack and destroy the station.

In The Gathering, Delenn says that the assassin belonged to a certain group from within the warrior caste; my guess is that he was a part of the same group that was going to spearhead the overthrow the Grey Council and lead the Minbari to destroy the station. I imagine that group was the Windswords, which Lennier identifies as the group that supported Deathwalker.
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