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Re: EpDis: The Gathering

Originally Posted by Jade Jaguar View Post
I agree completely that JMS was playing with our prejudices. But, I don't think G'Kar was exactly a villain. He was made out to be an angry, accusatory, hot-head, which is not exactly a sympathetic character to most people. But, he and the Narns had every right to feel that way, given their history with the Centauri. So, I liked G'Kar from the start, because I sympathized with his feelings right away. He grew to be by far my favorite character.
G`Kar was and is my favorite from the show also. I said "villain" , but I should have qualified that, he was more like "villain light" in the series proper. Not truly evil, but nowhere near the enlightened G`Kar we see in the later eps. This G`Kar is angry,and his anger is ruling him. I sympathized with his anger, but he wasn`t a like-able character, not to me, anyway. After I saw his machinations in "The Gathering" ie: him bringing the assassin on board with the changeling net, the implication being that G`Kar had tried to have Kosh assassinated and the blame placed on the Minbari (which puzzles me, you would think he would have tried to place the blame on the Centauri) he does, imo, fit the definition of villain. For at least a little while, anyway.

Wow...that was a long convoluted sentence I have there. Sorry `bout that!
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