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Re: EpDis: The Gathering

Originally Posted by Sindatur View Post
Was it actual control of the ship, or was the ship simply towed in

Nice observation about G'Kar and Londo, I wouldn't be surprised if you're right. I was surprised to see them changing roles on the first evidence of it

Delenn, I don't seem to recall thinking she looked that strange on the airing of the original Pilot, but, yea, definitely her look in the Gathering is very strange now, after becoming so accustomed to her later look. So, that may be it (or4 I may just not remember how odd she looked on the original airing of the Pilot)

I almost can't wait until the normal TV season ends in May, I've been looking forward to having the time to start the series over myself
She (Takashima (sp?) says "please surrender control of your vessel to our central computer on my mark" (I just reversed to make sure ) So, I am puzzled. It is a small thing really, and I don`t want to nit pick the show. Even JMS couldn`t have every little detail ironed out before the rest of the eps aired, although I think he has managed it the best of any series I have seen.

Thanks for the praise. I don`t take it lightly. From what I have read here, your posters certainly know their stuff! I think this is the right place to expand my knowledge!

As for Delenn...she seems much more 'spotty' and her chin is best described as 'agressive'

I am watching "The Gathering" (newer version). And I have read the first couple posts here

and i`m still a bit confused as to the order of the series and the movies. I tend to watch things chronologically when possible, regardless of when they were made, so I guess The Gathering is my starting point. I have watched the series many times, the movies less as I didn`t get them until much later.
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