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Re: EpDis: The Gathering

Originally Posted by Alexa View Post
I am watching The Gathering now, and I have a question...or really more of a puzzled observation. When Kosh`s ship is docking at the station, control of his ship is turned over to C&C. Yet later in the series much is made of how big a mystery his 'living ship' is. So, how did they control and dock it?

Also....something that has struck me since I first started watching...well, I guess it was years ago. I think JMS liked to play with our prejudices a little. He made Londo a sympathetic character at first, and G`Kar the villian....then switched them about (at least partially). I think people were very ready to accept that the more 'human' looking Londo was a good guy, and the very 'alien' G`Kar was the evil. I wonder how some reacted when they were 'switched'?

ETA I am also very glad they changed Delenns chin and softened her look somewhat. It was somewhat...odd looking, though that just could be because I am used to the later version of her.
Was it actual control of the ship, or was the ship simply towed in

Nice observation about G'Kar and Londo, I wouldn't be surprised if you're right. I was surprised to see them changing roles on the first evidence of it

Delenn, I don't seem to recall thinking she looked that strange on the airing of the original Pilot, but, yea, definitely her look in the Gathering is very strange now, after becoming so accustomed to her later look. So, that may be it (or4 I may just not remember how odd she looked on the original airing of the Pilot)

I almost can't wait until the normal TV season ends in May, I've been looking forward to having the time to start the series over myself
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