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Re: EpDis: The Gathering

I am watching The Gathering now, and I have a question...or really more of a puzzled observation. When Kosh`s ship is docking at the station, control of his ship is turned over to C&C. Yet later in the series much is made of how big a mystery his 'living ship' is. So, how did they control and dock it?

Also....something that has struck me since I first started watching...well, I guess it was years ago. I think JMS liked to play with our prejudices a little. He made Londo a sympathetic character at first, and G`Kar the villian....then switched them about (at least partially). I think people were very ready to accept that the more 'human' looking Londo was a good guy, and the very 'alien' G`Kar was the evil. I wonder how some reacted when they were 'switched'?

ETA I am also very glad they changed Delenns chin and softened her look somewhat. It was somewhat...odd looking, though that just could be because I am used to the later version of her.
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