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Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams

Originally Posted by Urban Roy View Post
It was a few things. Firstly given that Sinclair didn't really have a plan on what to do in the previous scene (which was a few hours/days earlier) I found it somewhat unbelievable that he would have been able to assemble the people that he needed in time (I tend to get drawn into shows, so I'm not a fan of anything like this that pulls me out).
Well he does have around 150,000 (if you estimate 100,000 aliens) to ask around after... so he'd probably be able to pick out a fair number for the line up.

Secondly, I wasn't sure what made it a religious demonstration, it was just a line of people.
It was a demonstration of what Sinclair to be most important - the right to complete freedom of religious belief/unbelief.

All of the other alien species would have been able to show something similar. I'm sure that I have just seen an episode where Londo talks about the Centauri having 50 gods,
To my understanding, the Centauri have a singular mono/polytheistic belief. They believe ina Great Maker and have a common pantheon of lesser gods. Many gods but from the same cultural form of worship.

and in By Any Means Necessary I think that G'Kar says that G'Quan is one of a number of gods that the Narn follow (BTW I have cracked my way through to the start of Series 2, but am spending more time watching that writing up my thoughts... There are some episodes that I have loved but want to think about them a little before writing about them).
The Narn if I remember rightly, worship their sun. The figures of G'Lan and G'Quan are similar in archetype to the Minbari Valen and Valerian. G'Quan doesn't appear to be a god, but rather a telepathic messianic figure from the time of the first Shadow War, who helped the Narn fend of the Shadows who had infiltrated the planet. G'Lan is... well, you'll see... but you'll understand my comments about Valerian later.

Thirdly, it felt like a cop out. I think that it is meant to be a demonstration of Earth's dominant religion(s), yes there are lots of religions but there are a few dominant ones. I thought that Sinclair should have just picked one, or a few, and run with it.
That wouldn't sit with the character of Sinclair though would it? Sinclair demonstrates on a number of occasions (whether you agree or not), that the freedom of individual belief is Earth's greatest contribution to religion. And even then, in 200 years time... who knows what the actual level of worshippers in any belief will be... heck we are all being outgrown by the rise in Elvis impersonators.

Re-reading this, it all reads as if I feel much more strongly about the scene than I do. As I said orginally it wasn't really for me, but I can see why others liked it.
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