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Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter

I am currently re-watching the series so I clicked on over to this forum and it's a funny coincidence to see these season 1 threads revived at the same time I'm watching these eps again.

One of the reasons I'm re-watching is because I'm in a frame of mind where almost all the things that annoyed me before I now find amusing. This show is now so familiar and comforting to me that I enjoy its quirks, weaknesses and little valiant failures. The soul hunter's chanting and labored speech is a perfect example. Upon first viewing, it was irritating. Upon 2nd viewing, I appreciated what they were trying to do. Now, I love it. In the same way that if you're a hardcore fan of a band, you'll enjoy the "filler" tracks of their albums in way that casual fans cannot.

This sentiment will be tested as I embark on the next DVD, which contains TKO and Grail, but I expect to enjoy them also in a way I have not previously. In fact, all of season 1 is like that- the last time I watched the series I was anxious to fly through season 1 to get to the good stuff. I was watching it w/ someone else so I was just hoping she'd be patient enough to deal with the prelude to the primo material. But now I'm loving all the little stand-alone stuff, for better or worse.

G'Kar as a scheming political son of a bitch and Londo as a washed up loser swimming in vice are more entertaining than all the heavy shit they bring later. Ivanova's classic Ivanovisms never got better than then the original ones. "You're too young to experience that kind of pain" "I do hope you resist" "I'm in the middle of 15 things, all of them annoying" etc. Garibaldi still had hair but Delenn didn't! Good stuff.
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