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Originally Posted by darth_librarian View Post
Its deep but as you said, a passive interest prehaps. Possibly due to lack of new material to stimulate it.
This may not be your cup of tea new-material-wise, but the project I'm working on is
a lengthy fanfic starring the (totally made up) chief engineer of B5. Who we never see. Who runs the place, anyhow?

NB: I absolutely do NOT count the buffoons in "The View From the Gallery" as part of this staff.

So, a shameless plug for "In the Core: Ch. 1: Broken In." (Yes, I do mean "core" and not "corps;" not a teep to be found.)

(Newbie alert! Is there a designated appropriate place for posting links to fanfic?)

Let me know if you think it's worth continuing. The plan is to follow engineering through the series, with technical problems in each chapter, and a worker-caste Minbari coming soon. Chapter 2: The Core is Mother, the Core is Father coming soon. If it sucks too bad I'll stop, I promise.

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