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Re: The Dresden Files

Originally Posted by Demonn View Post
In Small Favor she finally she got back into the action so hopefully he'll get it in the next book. I don't know how well he'll handle a blade though.
Meaning you don't know how he'll handle it because of his bad hand? {Yes, I know that the hand's getting better, little by little.] Well, he has his sword cane. He's used it in the past.


Do you mean you don't know how he'll handle his Warden's duties, e.g. lopping off heads wizards who violate the Laws of Magic?

BTW, my paperback of "Small Favor" arrived in today's mail. Surprised me, because it's 3/4" taller than all of the other Dresden Files paperbacks. MSRP is up, too, US $9.99.
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