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Re: EpDis: The Gathering

Originally Posted by Urban Roy View Post
But, I think that you have to put it in context of it being first broadcast in 1993, I think then the CGI would have been cutting edge and a huge surprise (even today, the moment that the Volon Fleet appears is great).
You pinged on exactly what my biggest thought was back when I originally watched "The Gathering" during its original broadcast. The CGI, especially the Vorlon ships, really caught my interest. Having gotten so used to the undynamic spaceship shots from The Next Generation, the movement of ships and the particularly organic-looking unique design of the Vorlon ships, I was particularly impressed. I don't really remember my reaction back then to the acting or anything, though I can't help but to admit how bad some of the guest characters tend to be, especially early on in the show.

I look forward to reading your thoughts as you watch the show. Thanks for posting them!
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