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Re: EpDis: Sleeping In Light

Originally Posted by G'Kar View Post
It's rare for me to even come close to crying during a television series (Yes I can be a very cold hearted person), but when watching this episode it really touched me in a way very few shows have (except maybe "Sunday" of Stargate Atlantis). For that alone this episode deserves an A+.
Definitely. I can't recall a more perfect Series Finale, perhaps some that were close, and 10 years later some may be able to argue how it could've been more perfect, but, I'm thinking it's pretty much unrivaled as Series Finales go

Oh, and BTW, welcome to the site, if you like to debate, check the News and Politics sub-forum once you absorb all the treasures in the B5 specific ones. If you like to role play, cyber party, babble, etc, check the Salad Bar and Chat area.
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