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Re: EpDis: A Distant Star

Sure, but would they then be able to find the hyperspace route home? Cortez might have been able to jump out and find where it is in normal space, but they'd probably hop back in and be even more lost in hyperspace than before.
That's precisely how I would explain it.

Sure enough, if your jump engines work (I'm not sure if Cortez had them functional or not) you can pop out into normal space... and go home by the long route, which probably takes about 300 years.

Attempting to go home by the short route would require ability to see "through" hyperspace, and define structures found there in terms of normal-space geometry... which, as implied, is overwhelmingly hard.

Hyperspace is described as opaque to almost anything, except very few things (the tachyon or whatever-they-were-called beams maintained between beacons), so you cannot see far enough. Also, hyperspace is implied to have a geometry which is rather different and difficult to link to normal space.

So that's why, as far as I understand, a ship which cannot navigate hyperspace (either by using beacons or otherwise), would not benefit much from having an intact jump engine.

But they could jump around blindly, and unless they jumped into a solid object or lethally uninhabitable area, they might jump near some habitable planet or viable source of natural resources. Which could make it possible to sustain trying for longer, or even amass enough useful resources to survive a trip home in normal space.

Originally Posted by Chilli View Post
As I understand it, a "jump" is the construction of a temporary bridge between normal space and hyperspace. I don't think you need to know where you're jumping to open a jump port.
I've understood it that way too.

One danger would be jumping into an solid object, if jumping blindly. However, the odds of that happening would be practically zero.
Unless hyperspace is "bigger" where normal space has more mass, or objects in hyperspace drift towards normal-space centers of mass. But that's just an idea to play with.
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