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I know exactly what an NCO is, and based on the fact that for the most part EF appears to operate under the same ranks as the present day US Armed Forces, Garibaldi would actually be a commissioned officer since he is the Chief Warrant Officer on B5. In the US Armed Forces a chief warrant officer, and that is what Garibaldi is, isn't a non-commissioned officer but rather a commissioned officer. Even if Garibaldi were a NCO, he would still be within the chain of command and therefore wouldn't be a civilian in any way. He would be answerable to any superiors in rank, and when told to be at ease, he certainly wouldn't be putting his hands in his pockets. He would also follow all orders from superior officers, he does this in Eyes, and he does this all the time when he takes orders from Ivanova, Sheridan and Sinclair. If any other officer of a superior rank were on station he would also take orders from them, because that is what NCO's or CO's do.
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