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Originally Posted by A_M_Swallow View Post
Garibaldi is a policeman not a soldier so generals are not authorised to give him and his men orders. Sheridan may be a military officer but he is also governor of Babylon 5. It is the post of Governor that can give orders to Garibaldi.

Having said that refusing a request for a man able to give orders to you boss is inadvisable.

Having just watched this episode, Garibaldi is an officer in EarthForce, if a General gives him an order he will follow it and they are well within their right to do so. Look back at the episode Eyes, he has to answer to the orders given to him by a Colonel because Garibaldi falls into the military chain of command and in turn his security officers will do whatever he tells them to do and he will tell them to do whatever a higher ranking officer tells him to tell them to do.
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