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Re: Question about the Drakh.........?

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
Yeah, I didn't think all of them were CGI, though some were obviously so.
At first I only remembered the ones from War Zone that:
  • Shot down Jensen when he stupidly did a tight turn in the atmospheric shuttle right over top of the Drakh with those shoulder mounted beam weapons.
  • Trace saw in the binoculars.
  • Gideon's Thunderbolt Starfuries blew away walking along the cliff face and not even getting off a shot at the Starfuries.

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
Either way, the "Lines of Communication" "emissary" was far better than any of the Crusade ones, and I liked the "emissary" better than the actual Drakh. For me, the actual Drakh were just another actor in a face mask, but the emissary, specifically because of the blurring effect, were cool and new and not something I expected.
The blurring effect was cool.
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