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Re: Question about the Drakh.........?

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
In fact, if you do a search on rastb5m or jmsnews, for "Drakh", you don't find much at all (only 3 posts), and none mention him disliking the Drakh Emissary's look.
Found it in the Killick Fourth Season guide:

"The Drakh emissary is described in the script as a servant of darkness, who causes lights to dim as it nears them as if sucking the life and light out of everything it passes. In the episode, an effect was added in postproduction that turned it into a blurred, indisticnt figure. "I had everything darken when he comes near it because I was so burned with the 'Infection' situation and the 'Grey 17' thing. " explains Joe Straczynski. "I said, 'I don't want to do another obvious guy in a rubber suit so let's keep this dark and shadowy.' Of course, it was shot nice and bright, and walso the paint job on the actual face wasn't what I wanted it to be--it was the wrong color, and it ended up looking like amask, instead of looking like a breather unit. I thought, 'well, look, thse guys worked for the Shadows, they would have some access to Shadow technology, and we know the Shadows can phase in and out of appearance. Why can we not make the logical extension that they have adaped a system which keeps them blurry a little bit?' They really can't be seen clearly and thus, become more ominous and, thus, more frightening to the average passerby."
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