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Re: The Dresden Files

Originally Posted by Demonn View Post
Just finished 6 last night... I like Susan more now but since they're not together I kinda want him to hook up with Murphy. It feels like they're bonding.

kincaid is a cool character... I'm looking forward to seeing him some more.

Mouse is a stupid name for a dog.
Good grief Speedy Gonzales, you passed me right up! I haven't even had time to crack Book 6 open since I last posted, and am only 15 pages into it.

Kincaid, the Archive's (Ivy's) driver from Book 5? He shows up in Book 6? ...or were you talking about Book 5 there? I know he was going to hook Harry up with the guy who makes those special incendiary shotgun shells. Naah, don't tell me.

Where I am in Book 5, I can't see Harry and Murphy hooking up.
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