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Re: The Dresden Files

Originally Posted by Demonn View Post
Having just read book 3 I know who Thomas Raith is. I got a little sick of book 3 at certain points but I liked the ending. And I didn't like Susan so I'm glad she's a vamp now... or whatever she is.
Susan grows on you. Murphy, too. Wait 'till you get through Book 5.

Originally Posted by Demonn View Post
Bianca... dead. Didn't see that coming because in the show they were buddies..... sex budies.
Yeah, kinda different from in Book 3, when she's bent on Harry's destruction, eh? Given that, what are the odds he'd have given her permission to come into his place? Bob's reaction in the TV series was true to form.

Plus, in the books, Bianca's a completely inhuman monster in a flesh mask, and Harry's seen what's underneath Red Court vampire flesh masks, including Bianca's. In the TV series, Bianca transforms into a really nasty looking humanoid (full black, eyes; fangs, etc.) but nothing like the slimy, large, bat-like creature with flabby wings and dripping Red Court vampire narcotic venom like in the books.
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