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Originally Posted by dreamer View Post
Hating the Ivanova story because of one's own view on religions is a bit foolish. I hoped too that Susan wouldt've sat shiva, but how wrong can one millionbillion people be? I mean, in the end Susan also felt that having people close to you was a good idea when you're hurting. That's how Susan's character was portrayed, no matter how remote a russian she has been occasionally portrayed before. Also, how else a rabbi should've behaved? From a writer's point of view it would've been rather useless to throw in a unorthodox rabbi who would've agreed with Susan 100% and not do what they usually do.
I didn't hate the Ivanova storyline, it just wasn't great. It was a decent storyline that was acceptable TV, but it wasn't anything special. TKO can thank that storyline for even garnering a D+, because without it this was a definite F episode and probably the worst of the series, behind even Infection.

As for my feeling on the religious issue of Shiva being forced, they are what they are. I thought it was terrible how that aspect was handled. I have no problem with Ivanova deciding to sit Shiva after all, but I didn't like the way the episode hammered home "Rabbi Koslov is right, you are wrong, sit Shiva or you are a bad person." Maybe you didn't get that vibe or pick that up, and that's cool, but I couldn't stand how heavy handed the episode was about religion, not a trait usually found in B5.
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