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Re: EpDis: TKO

I rather like TKO, but then again I don't think that the first season episode Infection is at all that what some might moan. It had a very valid concept.

Walker Smith's character was rather off with the tone of the series, but the story wasn't half bad - an ex contender trying to get back in the game by competing in a sport where no human has competed before. Honestly, I don't see any better way to promote yourself back to the show and how is that not a story worth telling? I mean, there will and always has been human martial arts champions, but to be the first to fight in something no other human has done before? That will get attention from all directions because first of all, it suggests that you're tougher than other humans and I bet that every single serious fighter would try to fight that guy to prove otherwise.

Also, expecting realistic choreography is nothing but unrealistic - even though when a fight scene breaks... about anywhere, you have everyone doing jump kicks and backflips and whatever. I agree however that the story was a bit too lightly told since there could've been a lot there, but this isn't the new BSG and things just aren't very heavy in the show.

Hating the Ivanova story because of one's own view on religions is a bit foolish. I hoped too that Susan wouldt've sat shiva, but how wrong can one millionbillion people be? I mean, in the end Susan also felt that having people close to you was a good idea when you're hurting. That's how Susan's character was portrayed, no matter how remote a russian she has been occasionally portrayed before. Also, how else a rabbi should've behaved? From a writer's point of view it would've been rather useless to throw in a unorthodox rabbi who would've agreed with Susan 100% and not do what they usually do.

And these are just my immediate thoughts about your thoughts of the episode.

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