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Re: B5 handshakes

The Narn seem to put their fists to their chests and pause for a moment as a greeting/goodbye. That is more like our wave tho, becuz no contact is made.

Early in the series the Minbari had a greeting in which hand is placed close to the other person's heart. I remember it specifically from the two-parter in s1 in which Epsilon 3 starts making noise. Also they do the triangle-bow.

Also in s1 when the Psi Cops are first introduced, they great people and then there is a pause, during which time they simply project their thots to the person. But that is not a handshake equivalent either.

When Sheridan met Emperor Turhan, i think the latter offered the Hands of Peace. But it could have been the Hands of Friendship, depends on my memory.
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