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a ranger episode

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there was someone who could help me with a particular episode involving the rangers.

From what I can remember it was about a sort of image library where a character (I can't remember if he was a ranger or not) could select points in time to see the history of the rangers. At one point he views a scene where it looks like it's the dark ages and you wonder what has this got to do with anything but then you realize that humans have destroyed their world and have literally bombed them selves back into the dark ages. Then you see this priest open a small cupboard, when no one else is around, and there's a futuristic communicator and the priest identifies himself as a ranger. I vaguely rember the character at one point selects one million years AD in the image library.

I am sorry I can't be any more clear or concise. I can only remember bits and pieces and it's very hard to put them down in words.

If any of this rings a bell with anyone can you please tell me which episode it was? It’s driving me up the wall.

Thank you guys for any help or information you can provide.


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