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Re: So what ever happened to the following characters:

Originally Posted by Elipsis View Post
I was really hoping for something intense whereby Sheridan has to destroy Franklin's father's ship, causing great drama and tension between the two... certainly he was characterized as the kind of guy who would have been on the side of Clark's forces, though perhaps tentatively.

Instead, nil.
The trouble with that is that Franklin came across more as a ground force general than a fleet commander. I get the impression he came up through the ranks of the GROPOS.

He would have been an ideal choice for planning the GROPOS strategic invasion of B5 though... because he was familiar with the facility.

I'm surprised they only sent one breaching pod... unless of course there were more but they were intercepted by B5's defences.

The other ideal time to encounter him would have been during the liberation of Proxima III... which was under siege/blockade and was probably a few days away from invasion/surrender
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