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Re: The Best Guest Characters in B5!

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
As was mentioned in this thread's brother thread, Brad Douriff. I know, I know, some people most likely hate that episode, but it's my all-time favorite of the series.
Brad Dourif is awesome, and that episode is quite choice. The only problem with Dourif is that I so associate him with Deadwood now that every time I see him in something I think of him as the doctor.

Wayne Alexander would be my man, he was downright awesome every time he was on the screen. Whether it was as a Drakh, Lorien, the Inquisitor, a Narn, a Drazi, he always delivered.

Louis Turenne was also quite good, he was much better as Draal than the new Draal, but at least that meant he could play Brother Theo.
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