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Re: EpDis: Sleeping In Light

And with this, I have rated every one of the episodes.


I was thinking just an A, but to my surprise... I actually found myself crying here even though I knew what was in the episode.

It's my first time with having watched the episodes properly in sequence... an adventure that took my girlfriend, and two of my friends 1 1/2 year watching a few a week together.

And while I am sad that there is no more B5 left to watch.... The episode reminded me more so than any other that the story of Babylon 5 is fucking beautiful, and as my favorite series sharing it with my girlfriend for the first time has been a somewhat emotional experience for some stupid reason.

I can't give it anything less than an A+ after the emotional state it put me in. She, of course, was fine while I was teary eyed and hanging off of her.

My friends were also fairly unmoved... but these are people who think the end of Evangelion is the most riveting thing they've ever seen... so go figure.
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