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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

Originally Posted by Cell View Post
Pretty much my only problem with including creator commentary comes when you get people that can't form a thought of their own and instead reply to any question with quote after quote from the creator. This is especially prevalent among Star Wars fans, and one of the reasons I rarely if ever discuss Star Wars with actual hardcore Star Wars fans anymore.
"Greedo shot first!"

... that one quote should be enough to make his points have some validation.

Though I don't agree with his opinions either, however, he can interpret the visual medium without any supplemental material, which is what he is doing.

Think of looking at a abstract painting. If you didn't know the title or the description, you may interpret it different, where that is a valid way to appreciate art. It is how the art speaks to us, not necessarily how the the message was given from the artist.

What matters, is that we can, and that Cell is still really enjoying the form!

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