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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

Originally Posted by Cell View Post
The entire problem with your last post is that I never at any point stated that my thoughts were anything other than opinion.
Hmm, you did say "reasoning" instead of evidence, didn't you? Well, in that case it may be I went in expecting evidence and got interpretation instead -- which is perfectly valid. Point taken, error acknowledged.

(sorry, but JMS' comments really don't matter on the subject, I never take any comments from any creator into account when arguing anything, whether it helps my argument or not).

Originally Posted by Cell View Post
Film and TV is an interpretive art, what the creator has to say about their intentions matters not, it's what you interpret that matters. This is the main tenet of interpretive art in all its forms.
But in essence everything B5-related, ever, is one giant comment by JMS. He did everything for a definite reason, it's all connected. Ignoring the creator's point of view would essentially require you to ignore what has been created. If you said that about painting, it would be up there with saying "I never take the paint into account when I look at a painting."

I really think you have been taking JMS into account, just only through the medium of B5. Which would be like reading all his nouns and verbs but refusing to read his adjectives, to employ a different simile.

Now, feel free to disagree with him -- and us -- but I really don't think you can ignore his commentary.

That said, this is a very old debate, fought over by philosophers for millenia, and I doubt we shall settle the issue here. We can keep discussing it, of course -- civilly, I hasten to add. None of us has really been kind, so let's watch that.
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