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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

Originally Posted by Cell View Post
That's fine, but I'm not them. If you like her posts that's fine, but I personally like insightful posts rather than quotes from JMS, or pressers from the President of his fan club.
I find that the people who play the 'worship' card are usually trying to shore up their own insubstantial viewpoints by going on the attack. In my case, what you like to characterize as 'worship' is simply considerable knowledge of the man's work, public postings and in particular, B5.

I'm a fan of JMS's, I make no secret of the fact but he has no fan club and no worshipers that I'm aware of. What that fandom means is that I'll give anything he produces a try. I certainly haven't loved everything he's ever done but the balance is tilted well on the side of things I like. As for considering him incapable of wrongdoing, that's another accusation by the ignorant. Suffice to say that when I disagree with JMS, it's actually in the group where he can see that and respond, not a forum he's not known to have ever visited.

You've chosen to take the stance that your views and interpretations as the viewer of the show are as valid or even more valid than those of the person whose vision produced B5 which is arrant, and arrogant, nonsense. For the first time ever, a TV show producer took the time to engage the fans of the show in a dialogue, telling them what he was trying to do, where he felt he succeeded and just as honestly, where he felt he failed. He's got 16+ years of credibility.

You choose to declare him a liar, saying "It's obvious" and repeating yourself over and over without adding any new data. I choose to back up my views with the public record. Sometimes at the beginning of a conversation, you make some interesting points. Unfortunately, your tendency to simply repeat points incessantly wears thin rapidly causing people to drop out of conversations.

Like now.

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