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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

I don't "worship him," and I don't "treat him like a god," nor do I think that is a common attitude around here, nor in evidence in this thread. You have no real evidence of a retcon, only an opinion. Strong and plentiful circumstantial evidence to the contrary has been presented, yet you deny it, on the basis that 'those who disagree (with you) idolize JMS,' an ad hominem argument.

I think most anyone here would readily agree with you, if they thought you were correct, regardless of their esteem for JMS. I know I would, and I believe Jan would. But your proofs, (or lack of same) are insufficient. You are entitled to your opinion. But, you are not entitled to certainty on a subject that can never be conclusively proven, until and unless we can actually read someone's mind.
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