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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

Originally Posted by Jade Jaguar View Post
I'm sure that most here think Jan is somewhat more than a "tolerable poster."
That's fine, but I'm not them. If you like her posts that's fine, but I personally like insightful posts rather than quotes from JMS, or pressers from the President of his fan club.

Originally Posted by Truth_Seeker View Post
I don't see the problem in that.In fact if JMS had chosen another profession none of us would be here talking about "Deathwalker".
The problem isn't in looking at his works and acknowledging some of them as good or great, the problem lies in treating him or any other creator like they are a God incapable of any wrongdoing. For instance I consider Kurt Busiek the greatest comic writer ever, however I don't view him as infallible and I don't go around always challenging anyone that questions how good he is. He has written some stories that were subpar, and some stories that were average at best among his many great stories. That is my problem with the "we should all worship "so and so" attitude." Not only is it counter productive, but it's not realistic of the person's works at all.
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