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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
So in other words, you have no actual reasons or evidence to offer for why you decided that JMS is a liar. <sarcasm> After all, none of the B5 characters ever had more than one story arc (not arch, btw), did they?</sarcasm>

Got it.

I provided reasoning, just because like usual you have your JMS blinders on and refuse to see anything that is even close to a slight against that man or at the very least accept that others have reasons for thinking the way they do isn't my problem.

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
Maneth has a point here that, unfortunately, got ignored in the resulting... well, "conversation" if you will.

Yes, Maneth, it is a bit of a shock to hear the resident Vorlon actually saying something clear, and not couched in mystery somehow. Perhaps he had no reason to make them reach for his meaning, or maybe Kosh just found the entire thing (the occurances in the episode) to be a waste of time and effort. His whole attitude seems to be "yea, I did it, it needed to be done, now get over it and get back to the relevant work".

Whatever the "reason", if there even is any, it was a surprisingly clear and straightforward response.
That added a lot of depth to Kosh. Instead of always being mysterious this is the first time we see the Vorlons being menacing because they have a reason to and we realize that they can do whatever they want and none of the B5 worlds can do a thing to stop them.
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