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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

It's not a question of acting like you know better than the creator, and honestly that's a pathetic argument to fall back on. It's a question of calling bullshit when there is bullshit. The creative industry is full of creators, and JMS is no different, that lie and bullshit to try and make it seem like Point A was actually their original intention when it wasn't. Retconning is a very obvious thing when done hastily and a bit sloppy, and Talia is a perfect example of that. No creator is infallible, and trying to use the "Oh, you're not the creator, you weren't there" argument doesn't fly and is the height of pretentiousness.

As for respect, who gives a flying fuck what others think. I don't, never have and never will. I don't live my life or give my views hoping that others will give what I say credence, that's not the way for someone to live their life. If people want to read what I type then that's fine, but it's just as fine if they don't. However I don't have the time for people that aren't willing to question things that they see and just accept things as fact because someone said it's this way or that way. People questioning what I type is great because it means they are actually thinking critically, people accepting what a creator has to say carte blanch in a situation where it's highly dubious that he is telling the truth is not thinking critically. Unless of course you looked at the situation and decided there wasn't any retconning, then that's fine. You flexed your brain and came up with a different conclusion than I did, nothing wrong with that.
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