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Re: EpDis: And The Sky Full Of Stars

Go to agree with Galahad here ... this is not a coincidence at all, but causality. They didn't just happen to chose the ship containing the guy who was going to go back in time to become Valen, that guy went back in time to become Valen precisely because he was picked up at that point and went on to lead the life he led after the Battle of the Line.

Minbari grab Sinclair, and question/torture him
Minbari discover Sinclair has the soul of Valen
Minbari surrender and let Sinclair go but decide to keep an eye on him
Minbari select Sinclair to command B5
Minbari then select Sinclair to go to Minbar and become ambassador/Ranger 1
Sinclair goes back in time to become Valen

Presumably if the Minbari had selected Mitchell instead, then it would have been Mitchell who went back in time to become Valen and not Sinclair.

Cake or death?

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