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Re: EpDis: Mind War

Originally Posted by A_M_Swallow View Post
Not the teep way. Teeps are the power behind the throne, they allow mundanes to be the front guy. They exercise power by advising the front guy. For instance in negotiations the buyer and the seller are both mundanes, they simply tell their man when the other man is lying.
I believe that is the way it has played out in the B5 universe, however I don't believe that is the way it would ever actually play out. Those with the power become the powerful, it is the great mandate of human history. For that reason I can't ever foresee a real future where there would be that many teeps and teeks running around and they would not be in the seats of power or at the very least have tried to gain the seats of power.

Originally Posted by A_M_Swallow View Post
Bester cannot give an honest report, as he said, he would not be believed.
I viewed that as more of a pleasantry towards Sinclair. An official report would never fly, but an unofficial report to those in power that like Bester know all about the experimentation on Ironheart and many others would at least give his report the time of day if not find it completely believable.
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