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Originally Posted by Cell View Post
New review is up,
From review
"If Ironheartís numbers on the amount of human teeps and teeks is correct then one wonders how come they are still an inferior power to mundane humans? If there numbers are that strong they should because of their powers be the dominant people among the humans.

Not the teep way. Teeps are the power behind the throne, they allow mundanes to be the front guy. They exercise power by advising the front guy. For instance in negotiations the buyer and the seller are both mundanes, they simply tell their man when the other man is lying.

"Sinclair tells Bester to omit any involvement on Taliaís part. But, we all know Bester will file an unofficial report detailing everything that happened. Why then doesnít Talia ever face any repercussions for her actions in aiding Ironheart?"

Bester cannot give an honest report, as he said, he would not be believed.
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