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Re: Just watched B5: In the Beginning (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
Remember why they sent him on the mission? He'd beaten the Minbari once, he could do so again. (At least so ran the theory. Hand-to-hand is a whole different story.) I'm guessing it's as close to negotiating from a position of strength as the Humans could get at that point. And the Humans really were grasping at straws. A lot of high command in EarthForce probably felt the peacemaking mission was their best hope.
I understand a peacemaking mission was their best hope but when that failed, Sheridan was sent back to Earth and you don't hear a peep from him ever again until the war ended 2 years later?? I find that hard to believe. I mean you have the one commander who was able to find a way to beat the Minbari and he isn't put in a position to try to find other ways to beat them?? Was it just because he failed the peacemaking mission which wasn't really his fault either?

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
Delenn was trying, after her initial scream of rage, but as we know, getting the Warrior caste to stop fighting is no easy task.

As for Kosh, he'd probably had the whole story from Valen, back in the day, and knew he didn't need to step in; it would all work out just fine.

Welcome; good first topic!
Your point about Kosh is a good one. As for Delenn, I really expected her to do more but perhaps she was just too inexperienced.
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