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Re: Just watched B5: In the Beginning (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Telepath View Post
Although most B5 fans like it, I've had some problems with ItB from the start, for some of the reasons touched here. I think that the humans would have sent as inoffensive a negotiator as possible to end the war, not the only one who was sure to offend the Minbari (as he did later, when he was sent to command B5)
You are assuming the humans were acting on their own there. A couple of things worth noting, are that prior to interception by the Prometheus, Dukhat was headed for Z'Ha'Dum to investigate whether or not the Shadows were awakening. The other thing is whose cause benefits most from having an eejut like Jankowski head up first contact.

I think if you take these two factors into account... you can easily read between the lines and imply that the Shadows (or there allies), were manipulating events to ensure that their activity went undiscovered... and that their philosophy of growth through chaos was being enacted between Humanity and the Minbari.

Plus, Kosh should not have been there, neither should Ulkesh. I doubt that they did not know of the Minbari's findings concerning Sinclair / Valen, and if they did, the Vorlons would not have threatened to destroy B5 when Kosh was poisoned (The Gathering). That's a case of retroactive inconsistency ;-)

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
Well, why would Valen have told them about that little incident? After all, it turned out just fine, no need for them to know.
You have to remember that Kosh met Sinclair/Valen after all these events had taken place relative to Sinclair. If Sinclair's was the mind from the past who had been touched similar to Sheridan... then Kosh would have had access to Sinclair's memories. The vorlons would not seek to jeapordize these events because a) it clashes with their philosophy of "order above all" and b) the events that led to Sinclair travelling back (including the Minbari War) ended in a scenario that was more favourable to the Vorlons (the Shadows would turn out not to be as strong in number).

The most amazing concept in this theory is that it means that through Sinclair's knowledge of events, Kosh would also know he was destined to die... and yet he still chose to go through with it
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