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Re: EpDis: Infection

Originally Posted by A_M_Swallow View Post
The show Infection was foreshadowing is Crusade. Earth's playing with organic technology was going to lead to big problems.
I think it does a lot more than foreshadow Crusade. It gives you a good indication of whats going on back home... this together with Earth's active stance with the Deathwalker situation/Epsilon III and the hidden factions in the Government backing Home Guard and a few other things tell us that Earth has not come to terms with it's dismal performance in the Minbari War... and this has led to a dangerous obsession with alien tech... in a bid to develop shortcuts to be on an even keel with a race such as the Minbari once more.

There are lots of little touches (even with guest or minor characters) that give us an inkling that Earth is a place that has a lot of fear, self doubt and insecurity.

It's this fear that leaves them wide open to the approach of Morden... and leads to the xenophobic idiot Clarke, moving himself into a place where he can seize power.
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