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Re: EpDis: Infection

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
I know you have never changed your mind about anything, once you state an opinion. So I'll make this my last word, to wrap up the conversation from my end:
Taking the approach that "you never change your mind" is incredibly short sighted. Changing someone's mind or opinion should never be the goal of any conversation or debate. Rather the goal should be a simple exchange of ideas and if those ideas happen to provoke a change in the opinion of someone else, then so be it.

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
Oh, and for the record, I never read fan reviews. I don't see much point in them. I like the approach taken here: post a thread for an episode, state your opinion in brief, and use it to stimulate meaningful conversation. Disagreements do occur, obviously, but sometimes opinions can be changed and we can all learn something of a new perspective about the show.
Read or don't read my reviews, it doesn't really matter to me as I will write them even if no one is reading them. Although since I am a professional writer and do review B5 and other media not as a fan but as an extension of my other writing it is a misnomer to call my reviews fan reviews. Even if I weren't a professional and just a fan, there is nothing that separates a fan review from a professional review except the professional gets paid.

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
But I know you'll never really be part of this, because you start off completely cemented in your own opinions. So, that's fine, I'll read some of your posts, likely skip the longer ones, and avoid responding. It seems the best way to approach the situation, when debating the inflexible. I'm just more interested in discussing these things with people who might admit to learning something from someone else from time to time.
If that's the way you want to approach it that's fine, although it has been my experience that not taking into account all opinions and rather only those that fit some criteria you have created leads to a bad end.
"When you have reached the end of the road then you can decide whether to go to the left or the right, to fire or to water. If you make those decisions before you have even set foot upon the road it will take you nowhere." - Galen
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