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Re: EpDis: Infection

I know you have never changed your mind about anything, once you state an opinion. So I'll make this my last word, to wrap up the conversation from my end:

I don't know if it was stated or I just felt it was implied that the Vorlons and the Shadows, over time, grew to taking the extremes they we see and find out about in B5. I got the distinct impression they didn't start out that way. More like their "argument" grew gradually, in stages, until it became a matter of devastating or developing whole species. Whether or not you want to see that as a "... you become the enemy" kind of thing is actually a completely trivial point.

Oh, and for the record, I never read fan reviews. I don't see much point in them. I like the approach taken here: post a thread for an episode, state your opinion in brief, and use it to stimulate meaningful conversation. Disagreements do occur, obviously, but sometimes opinions can be changed and we can all learn something of a new perspective about the show.

But I know you'll never really be part of this, because you start off completely cemented in your own opinions. So, that's fine, I'll read some of your posts, likely skip the longer ones, and avoid responding. It seems the best way to approach the situation, when debating the inflexible. I'm just more interested in discussing these things with people who might admit to learning something from someone else from time to time.
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