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Just watched B5: In the Beginning (Spoilers)

This is my first post and I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. I'm a long time fan of Babylon 5 as I first watched it over ten years ago but never got to see every episode or movie back than. Now I can thanks to Netflix.

I just watched the B5 movie, In the Beginning and it really got me thinking so I had to find fellow B5 fans to discuss this with. First off, if I was a human alive at the point right after the Earth-Minbari War, I would be really angry and bitter at the Minbari race forever even though the humans started the war due to a "loose cannon." If the Minbari surrendered, I would demand billions of dollars or whatever currency is used in reparations. I would consider bringing a ton of nukes to their homeworld and blowing the entire thing up (a Sheridan tactic). Of course, that would probably be dumb because if you risk starting another war, the humans might really be wiped out and I doubt anyone knew about the Minbari's revelation that Sinclair had a Minbari soul inside him or that Minbari cannot kill Minbari.

I guess I just never thought about the grand scale of the war and I didn't realize it went on as long as it did, but I can see why many of those who lived on Earth would not trust Sheridan for becoming too intimate with aliens and taking on an alien wife. My general impression of MInbari have come from Delenn and Lennier who are generally very peaceful and reasonable so this movie showed me another side of this race.

What happened to Sheridan and Franklin after they were captured? Were they stuck in a cell for 2 years? I really believe that if Sheridan was not captured and went back to Earth and if they gave him the responsibility of finding a way to beat the Minbari, that he would have been their best chance of beating the Minbari (given that he had their only victory). Although I can't believe that he is the only military leader capable of coming up with brilliant strategies and tactics.

I will say I really did enjoy this movie. It was done well but I do think that something as huge as a Earth Minbari War deserves an entire season rather than a short movie and I find it hard to believe that Kosh, Delenn and no one could do anything to stop the war or find a better solution.


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